Admission Policy

General Admission Policy


a. Students shall fill in the application form personally and be responsible for the accuracy of the information filled in therein. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
b. Students are responsible for completing all admission procedures by specified deadlines, in accordance with the instructions of the Admissions Office as announced in the academic calendar. The eMahad Institute is not responsible for applications not completed by students on time.
c. New admissions will only be granted in Term A of the 1st year. A student’s admission will be canceled if the student does not enroll in term A and his/her admission fee will be fortified.
d. Late admission applications are received within the first three weeks of the term. Applications are considered case by case. Applications received after the grace period of three weeks will not be considered.
e. Applicants are accepted in the program according to the rules and regulations of eMahad and student eligibility as decided by the eMahad management.
f. A student may be rejected from the admission as decided by the eMahad management.
g. A student will not be issued a student ID or allowed to register for courses unless the admission file/data is complete.
h. All students must have basic computer usage understanding such as the ability to read, write, send and receive emails, use internet browsers, create login Id and reset passwords, fill online forms, answer online exams, upload/download documents, and print/scan documents/images.
i. An applicant with special needs will be assessed by the eMahad management in order to check his/her eligibility for admission to the program. An applicant may be accepted or rejected as per the outcomes of the assessment.
j. An applicant with a disability which prevents him/her to take lectures online will not be allowed to register in the program.
k. Students shall abide by all other eMahad requirements.




Resource Requirements


a. A device with internet access: A computer, laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection and camera is required to access the live classes, class recordings, course materials and complete assignments.
b. Classes over mobile phones are not preferred. Computer, Laptop, or Tablet is a must for attending classes.
c. The device could be Microsoft Windows based, Mac OS or Android based.
d. A Windows based device must be installed with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser.
e. A Mac OS based device must be installed with Safari browser or a Google Chrome browser.
f. The device must be installed with Word processing software for students to do the assignments during the courses.
g. The device must be installed with Adobe PDF reader to read books during the class. Most of the books that are shared with students are in PDF format.
h. The device must be installed with a good resolution camera.
i. A headphone with microphone, Air pods, or Bluetooth headphones is necessary for a student to attend the class.

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