Course Overview


Aqeedah (Creed/Beliefs) are the essential elements that one must have firm belief in order to affirm oneself as a Muslim.


The success of a human being is dependent on three things:

  • Correction of Beliefs عقائد
  • Correction of Deeds اعم ال
  • Correction of Character اخلاق


The most important and fundamental is the correction of our beliefs. The reason is that our deeds and character are directly dependent on our beliefs. If beliefs are correct, then our deeds will be accepted near Allah ﷻ and we will also get reward for our character. However, if our beliefs are not correct, then neither our deeds will be considered, nor we will get any reward for our character. That is why it is so important to know what we should believe in, in order to be called a Muslim.


Allah ﷻ has mentioned in the Holy Quran that

And indeed We sent in every nation a messenger, with the message that “Worship Allah and stay away from the Rebel (the Satan).” (16:36)

At another place, Allah ﷻ mentions

Whoever disbelieves in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and the Last Day has indeed gone far astray. (4:136)


Course Objective


The course aims to help understand the following under the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah:

  • What is our Belief? (Iman)
  • What are the Declarations of Faith? (Iman Mujmal and Iman Mufassal)
  • A Muslim’s belief with regards to:
  • Belief in Allah ﷻ,
  • Belief in the Angels,
  • Belief in the Books of Allah ﷻ,
  • Belief in the Messengers of Allah ﷻ,
  • Belief in the Destiny,
  • The Last Day and Life after Death.
  • Correct Islamic perspective with regards to modern science and response to the deviant groups of the present times?


Course Duration: 1 year


  • Al Aqeeda At-Tahawiya (The Creed of Imam At-Tahawi – Translated, Introduced, and Annotated by Sh. Hamza Yusuf)
  • Taleem ul Haq – Shabir Ahmed E. Desai


Assessment Criteria:

Students will be assessed through quizzes, class participation, punctuality, attendance and term exams.


Additional Information:

Students will get completion certificates at the end of the course.

E books and handouts will be provided to the students.


Course Fee: No Fee is applicable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is there an age restriction for the course?

Yes. Minimum age to enroll in the course is 12 years.


Are there any pre-requisite to joining the course?

We only require students to have the spirit and willingness to learn. Other than that there are no pre requisites for this course.


What are the requirements for graduation?

To successfully complete the course a student will need to:

  • Attendee all the modules of course (either live or recording)
  • Participate in class discussions and complete assignments
  • Successfully clear the final exam of each module


Is it possible to enroll as a listener and not give exams?

Course is designed for full time students, however under special circumstances exceptions can be made. If you have special case please contact course administrator. Completion certificate will not be issued in these instances.


What if I cannot make it to class at the stipulated class time? Will I have access to recordings?

Recordings are available for all classes. However, recording students will still need to participate in class discussion through class forums

What if I have to miss classes during the year because of my University exams or family engagements?

This course has been designed to cater to working women and students alike, so we do understand that there may be occasions when you may not be able to attend class for genuine reasons. In such scenarios, we provide recordings so that students may catch up with the classes they have missed.


Is there an Attendance Policy?

Yes, there is an attendance policy to be eligible to get the course certification.


Is there a Fee that I need to pay to enroll in this Program?

No fee is to be paid at the time of course registration.


How do you conduct the classes?

We provide live classes with recordings availability, online assignments/ quiz, mark attendance and facilitate discussion forums to facilitate learning and development.


What software or hardware do I need to purchase / download to attend the classes?

All you need to start online learning courses is to have internet connection, a desktop/laptop, or a smartphone, a headphone supported with microphone.




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