BOY TO TEEN – A Muslim Boys Guide to Life’s Big Changes | Only for Boys (12yrs – 16Yrs) | In Bilingual Language


Welcome to our two-month course designed specifically for teenagers, focusing on the lessons from the life of the Holy Prophet peace and blessing upon him and essential aspects of purification, puberty, and prayer from an Islamic perspective. This course aims to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to maintain both physical and spiritual cleanliness, navigate the changes of puberty or growing up.


Each class combines theoretical lessons with practical demonstrations to ensure you can confidently apply what you’ve learned. Our goal is to help you develop a deep understanding of these critical aspects of your faith, encouraging a lifelong commitment to personal and spiritual growth.


Join us on this journey to strengthen your knowledge, practice, and connection to Islam.


Following modules will be taught in this course.



Islamic Essentials: Purification, Puberty, and Prayer The Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Class 1: Introduction to Islamic Teachings and Fiqh


Understand the significance of Islamic teachings in daily life.

Introduction to the Hanafi school of thought.


Overview of Islamic beliefs and practices.

Introduction to the four major Sunni schools of thought.

The importance of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and its role in daily life.


Class 2: Puberty and Its Implications in Islam


Understand the signs and significance of puberty in Islam.

Learn about the religious duties that begin with puberty.


Signs of puberty in boys.

Introduction to the concept of legal responsibility in Islam.

Impact of puberty on religious obligations (salah, fasting, etc.).


Class 3: The Concept of Taharah (Purification)


Comprehend the concept of physical and spiritual purification in Islam.

Learn the types and methods of purification.


Definition and importance of Taharah.

Types of impurities (Najasa) and their classifications.

Overview of wudu (ablution), ghusl (full-body ritual purification), and tayammum (dry ablution).


Class 4: Detailed Study of Wudu and Its Fiqh


Master the steps and requirements of wudu.

Understand the nullifiers of wudu.


Detailed steps of performing wudu.

Obligatory (fard) and recommended (sunnah) acts of wudu.

Conditions that nullify wudu.


Class 5: Understanding Ghusl and Tayammum


Learn the occasions requiring ghusl.

Understand how and when to perform tayammum.


Detailed steps of performing ghusl.

Conditions that necessitate ghusl.

Procedure and conditions for tayammum.


Class 6: Introduction to Salah (Prayer)


Grasp the importance of salah in a Muslim’s life.

Learn the basic structure and timings of the five daily prayers.


Significance and virtues of salah.

The five daily prayers and their respective times.

Basic structure of a prayer (rak’ah).


Class 7: Detailed Study of Salah


Master the correct method of performing salah.

Understand the conditions and integrals of salah.


Detailed steps of performing salah.

Conditions (shurut) and integrals (arkan) of salah.

Common errors in prayer and how to avoid them.


Class 8: Review, Practice, and Q&A


Reinforce knowledge gained throughout the course.

Address any remaining questions or concerns.


Review of key concepts: purification, puberty, and prayer.

Addressing common doubts and questions.

Importance of continuous learning and practicing.

Class 1: Introduction to the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Understand the significance of studying the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Topics Covered:

Importance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Islam

Overview of the historical context of 6th and 7th century Arabia

The lineage and early life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Key virtues and characteristics of the Prophet (PBUH)


Class 2: The Early Years and Prophethood


Learn about the early life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the beginning of his Prophethood

Topics Covered:

Childhood and youth of Muhammad (PBUH)

Marriage to Khadijah (RA)

The first revelation in the Cave of Hira

The early years of Prophethood and initial challenges


Class 3: The Makkan Period and Persecution


Understand the challenges faced by the Prophet (PBUH) and early Muslims in Makkah

Topics Covered:

Key events and difficulties in Makkah

Notable early converts to Islam

The boycott and social ostracism of Muslims

Migration to Abyssinia (Ethiopia)


Class 4: The Hijrah and Establishment of the Muslim Community in Madinah


Learn about the Hijrah and the establishment of the first Muslim community

Topics Covered:

The significance of the Hijrah (migration to Madinah)

Establishment of the Constitution of Madinah

Brotherhood between Muhajirun (migrants) and Ansar (helpers)

Key events in the early days of Madinah


Class 5: Battles and Treaties (might need 2 classes)


Understand the key battles and treaties during the Prophet’s (PBUH) time in Madinah

Topics Covered:

The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Uhud

The Battle of the Trench (Ahzab)

The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah


Class 6: The Conquest of Makkah and the Farewell Pilgrimage


Learn about the conquest of Makkah and the Farewell Pilgrimage

Topics Covered:

The events leading to the conquest of Makkah

The Prophet’s (PBUH) entry into Makkah and his actions following the conquest

The significance of the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj)

The final sermon of the Prophet (PBUH)


Class 7: The Final Days and Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Reflect on the final days of the Prophet (PBUH) and his enduring legacy

Topics Covered:

The last illness of the Prophet (PBUH)

His passing and the immediate aftermath

The legacy of the Prophet (PBUH) in shaping Islamic civilization

Key teachings and sayings of the Prophet (PBUH)


Class 8: Summary and Reflection


Review key learnings and reflect on the application of the Prophet’s (PBUH) life lessons

Topics Covered:

Recap of major events and themes from the Prophet’s (PBUH) life

Discussion on how to apply his teachings in daily life

Personal reflections and commitments to embodying the Prophet’s (PBUH) example



Starting From: Saturday14th July 2024


Class Timings: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Pakistan Time


Days:  Saturday & Sunday


Language: In Bilingual Language


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