Course Overview


The Hifz course is dedicated towards the memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an or selective Surahs. Students are prepared to:

  1. Pursue advanced educational studies;
  2. Teach the art of Qur’anic memorization to children and adults;
  3. Lead the congregational Salah; and
  4. Lead the Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan.

It is a bespoke, self-paced and one on one interactive course to meet your needs. The course is taught by both male and female Islamic scholars (including Hafiz, Mujjawwid and Qari), who have vast experience in online teaching.


Course Outline

The course will focus on learning the whole Quran or specific surahs, based on an individual’s preference.


Course Schedule

Days and Time: Flexibility to select your preferred date and time

Duration: 40 minutes per class
Exams: None but there is an exam to obtain ‘Hafiz ul Quran’ certification upon completion of the course.
Break: Your course teacher will inform you about the breaks.



40 minutes x 3 classes per week $40 USD per month
40 minutes x 5 classes per week $50 USD per month


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there an age restriction for the course?

No, there is no age restriction.


Are there any pre-requisite to joining the course?

No, there are no pre cursors / pre requisites to the course.


What are the requirements for graduation?

Requirements for graduation includecomplete memorization of the Qur’an.


Is it possible to enroll as a listener and not give exams?

No. This is a bespoke one on one course that requires registration.


Will there be an exam every year?

No. There are no annual exams however, there will be an exam upon completion of memorization of the Qur’an to get the certification.


What if I have to miss classes during the year because of my University exams or family engagements? Do I still need to pay?

This course has been designed to cater to working men, women, students and housewives alike, so we do understand that there may be occasions when you may not be able to attend class for genuine reasons. In such scenarios, we provide recordings so that students may catch up with the classes they have missed. Since this is a paid course, you will need to timely notify your teacher however, course fee will not be waived.


Is there an Attendance Policy?

No,there is no attendance policy.


Is there a Fee that I need to pay to enroll in this Program?

Yes, refer to the section “Course Schedule” to view details of the fee structure.


How do you conduct the classes?

We provide live classes with recordings availability, online assignments/ quiz, mark attendance and facilitate discussion forums for learning and development.


What software or hardware do I need to purchase / download to attend the classes?

All you need to start online learning courses is to have internet connection, a desktop/laptop, or a smartphone, a headphone supported with microphone.


What is a self-paced course? How do they work?

Eliminating the geographical constraints as you can learn any course online at your convenience.

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