Kids Online Series of Workshop on Etiquettes

eMahad Offers

Special Online Series of Workshop for Kids.

“Etiquettes will open doors that the best education cannot!”

Here we come with this unique series of workshops to teach children manners, gratitude and thankfulness in Islam



Workshops Schedule:
1 Courteousness towards ALLAH ﷻ Saturday 22nd August, 2020
2 Courteousness towards the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Sunday 23rd August , 2020
3 Courteousness towards the symbols of ALLAH ﷻ Saturday 29th August, 2020
4  Courteousness towards Parents Sunday 30th August, 2020


Timings: 5pm Pakistan Time (GMT+5)

Age for boys 6 – 10 years

Age for girls 6 – 12 years

Language: Bi-lingual (Urdu & English)


Please note that class slides will be in English and speaker will be speaking in both URDU & English.


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